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donderdag 23 februari 2012


ondersteboven, binnenstebuiten, achterstevoor en kereweerom

vrijdag 17 februari 2012

Eclipse of the mind

Woord in beeld. N° 2


One morning she came to me 
severe in nature's garb, so light and yet so dark. 
I'll give you eternal wisdom, youth and love, she said. 
In return she wanted my body, and entered my head. 

We had to remain seperated to stay sane, 
so she devided me to cause no pain. 
The night was hers the day was mine, 
but in the end we couldn't draw the line. 

We got confused 
and all mixed up. 
Completely out of control, 
I lost my identity, I lost my soul. 

I had to surrender to survive, 
conquer my fears to stay alive. 
Find me a brother in soul 
die with him to become awhole 

I found a musician, 
I found a painter, 
I found a poet, 
I found a stranger, 
I found a brother in soul, 
and thought 

"from now on we can have it all". 

We drove as lightning but didn't die, 
reached for the heavens but didn't fly. 
Finally refused at the gates of the sun, 
We turned back to where it all begun. 

Back on earth my life was caught in her curse: 
I had to get through the genesis in reverse. 
And at the exit of darkness, returned from death 

I'd regain my body, I'd regain my head... . 


woord en beeld : DagEnDauw -

woensdag 8 februari 2012

zaterdag 4 februari 2012

Buiten dienst - geen ontvangst

  Nog hier... maar
in gedachten al ginder

Aquarel op papier        
25/25 cm        

Wie graag een uitdaging aangaat
mag zeker niet vergeten ook een kijkje te nemen op mijn
 (DagEnDauw's) stekje  

woensdag 1 februari 2012

Ter nagedachtenis

 Nauw aan 't hart
- 't hart van In(di) -

Aquarel op papier
25/25 cm